About Us

Rest assured, you are on the right path since you have decided to find out more about us.


Islam is supposed to be portrayed not only as a religion but also as a way of life, and a holistic culture. As the balanced and positive Muslim is said to be the cornerstone of the development of Islamic Nation, developing the Muslim personality starts at SIIS early stages.


• At Spectrum International Islamic School (SIIS), it’s been determined to leave nothing to chance; we carefully plan for every move, closely monitor every action and timely evaluate every result.
• Should any of our community members show tendency to deploy a strategic framework for a competitive advantage, or a re-thinking strategy in the light of new grounds, SIIS strategy programs can act as a catalyst for perfect strategy implementation.


SIIS seeks to foster and sustain the development of balanced and positive Muslim children through the profound combination of Islamic, academic, cultural, psychological, social, health, and physical qualifications.


• Islam is an integrated part of every single Muslim’s life practice.
• The profound combination of several world-class qualifications is required to develop the balanced and positive Muslim.
• We leave no stone unturned, and do our best, so as to earn Allah's reward for the goodness and perfection.
• As all students can learn, there is no one-fits-all learning style for all children.
• Individual differences are taken for granted, however, the role of effective education is to bring the most and best out of every student.
• Parents, teachers, trainers, administrators and school community members are partners; the school community is an integrated environment for timely collaboration.
• Our school mission and vision are clearly demonstrated in the design and development of each program and initiative.


• Our students are offered opportunities to practice Islamic values and commands within and after the school day.
• The academic board members are supposed to have a base knowledge of Islamic pedagogy.
• Policies for maintaining Muslim-friendly education environment are developed and applied.
• The academic board members and administrators have base knowledge of psychology, sociology and cultures.
• School layout and design accommodate the combination of Islamic, academic, cultural, psychological, social, physical and health qualifications provided for students.
• The school organization structure reflects the dedication towards the right combination of Islamic, academic, cultural, psychological, social, physical and health qualifications.
• Dedicated cross functional research and development team is available to ensure the alignment of the delivered educational services to the international standards and best practices.
• A master plan for the running development projects and initiatives is maintained and tracked all the time.
• Predefined KPIs are the base of the performance evaluation. KPIs are designed to reflect the cascading of roles and responsibilities from the top management to the operational staff.
• Placement test for new students discovers the student potential and thus ensures the right assignment of students to various school grades.
• Our school accepts children of any race, national or ethnic origin. Children with special needs are accepted should they be able to demonstrate the minimum level of mental abilities to join the respective school grade.
• Teachers include a combination of activities and learning methods while conducting their lesson plans.
• All students are provided equal opportunities to practice co-curricular and extra-curricular activities they like.
• The tuition fees cover meals, snacks, trips and extra-curriculum activities within the school day.
• Class and examination timetable policies for volunteer and champion students, are developed and maintained all the time.
• Teachers, administrators and trainers are required to demonstrate technical capabilities and culture alignment to be accepted as partners.
• School values, pillars and principles are clearly and transparently clarified for parents before the application process.
• Student performance and progress information are accessible by parents anytime anywhere.
• Dedicated cross functional quality assurance team is intended to ensure the full cascade of school mission and vision to the level of each single educational and operational activity.
• The school mission, vision, values and principles are shared responsibility among the school community members.
• The adoption of any newly introduced practice, technique, tool or technology is based on their alignment with the school mission, vision, values and principles.