• Our programs are built around the responsive classroom model, which is a student centered, holistic methodology that emphasizes social, emotional, and academic growth equally.
• Respectful, caring connections with kids and their families are the robust foundation for a gorgeous experience.
• We are intended to develop children’s capabilities as per every single child; we believe each child has unique strengths, varied prior language learning experiences, and preferred learning styles.
• Emotional engagement is the key to all powerful learning. That is why SIIS brings love, laughter, passion, and meaningful project work into school everyday life.

• Children deserve to memorize, recite, and perform many wonderful pieces of language.
• Rich experiences in the many languages of art, music, drama, dance, and storytelling help children find personal meaning in school learning.
• Every day starts with a morning meeting, and ends up with regroup, to reflect on each day’s accomplishments and challenges.
• Through this routine, students learn to practice speaking, listening, and responding in a community of caring and respectful learners.
• Teachers work together as a professional learning community, a structure built to help teachers collaborate to develop curriculum and assessments in response to the specific needs of their students.
• Our goal is to create an environment to challenge young minds, foster a commitment to learning, and, concurrently with academics.
• Arabic Language and Communication Skills: students develop skills needed to read and understand the Quran and hence apply it in their everyday life.
• Islamic Religion Studies (in Arabic): students understand, learn and practice the beliefs, rituals and ethics of Islam
• Islamic Culture Studies (in English): students appreciate the beauty of the Islamic civilization, the diversity of people that joined Islam and their cultures.
• English Language and Communication Skills: students enjoy books and the ability to express themselves clearly and confidently.
• Mathematics: students develop conceptual understanding of numbers, their relations, combinations and operations. They develop reasoning and problem solving skills reinforced by real life applications.
• Science Inquiry Skills: students plan investigations, make predictions, form hypotheses, run experiments and make conclusions.
• Eco-education: it develops sustainably minded, environmentally conscious people who carries the right behavioral patterns with them through their everyday life and teach it to the coming generations.
• Information and Communication Technology: students are reliable and equipped with the latest technological advancements to enhance their learning outcomes in all areas of knowledge.
• Physical Education: it promote fitness, team spirit and confidence.
• Art and Design: students learn to appreciate different arts styles as well as experience enjoyment and satisfaction by being creative.
Program Core Elements
• Spiritual—deep and significant relationships to Allah, to self, and to others.
• Social—habitually acting in accordance with the belief in Allah, to make a contribution to society through involvement and leadership in social and cultural activities
• Cognition—the development of a knowledge base, thinking and reasoning skills;
• Physical/psychomotor—wellness of the body;
Responsibility is a connected process that includes sincerity, charity and Justice, success and righteousness. All these values should come together and overlap; sincerity is however the starting point.
Responsible people should:
• Have clear goals and accordingly specific objectives that are good and sincere to Allah while doing their responsibilities and excelling in their work.
• Set plans and assign resources needed for the job or taken responsibility.
• Sustain values related to sincerity such as: honesty, integrity, loyalty, commitment straightforwardness, and giving.
• Develop skills related to sincerity such as: having a clear vision, mission and objectives, setting priorities, planning, designing measurement tools, organization skills, time management, team work, cooperation, and conscious leadership.
Charity and Justice:
• Provide equal opportunities according to abilities, respect for self and others. • Provide needed resources; make good use of them while preserving the environment. • Sustain values related to charity and justice such as: respect, mercy, altruism, bravery and calculated risk taking. • Develop skills related to charity such as: communication skills, social and emotional intelligence, understanding others, thinking skills, and negotiation skills. Success: • Upholding responsibility knowing that reward is according to deeds and that whoever performs his job without accuracy or whoever harms people instead of benefiting them, Allah will never respond to his prayers or give him what he wants nor will He show mercy to them on the Day of Resurrection as a punishment for his evil deeds. • Sustain values related to success such as: patience, freedom, and self- accountability • Develop success skills such as: consistency, stability, evaluation and planning, persistence, interaction, decision making, hard working and sharing, Righteousness: • Consistency among values and practices to provide a good example to follow in reformation. • On-going assessment and evaluation of the results to be able to review plans and develop them. • sustain values related to righteousness such as: self-confidence, self-esteem, equality, wisdom • Develop righteousness skills such as: self-restrain, seeking the Truthfulness, fidelity, self-criticism, gain respect and trust of others.
Our programs and qualifications, lead seamlessly from pre-school to secondary, are based on the world-famous Cambridge standards.
SIS academic framework is built on the profound Integration of Cambridge International Examination and Egypt-based Tajan Azharian Institute curricula.
Our flexible framework is set to accommodate the dynamic changes in the global environment and the contemporary learning theories.


Whether you select a play-based or academic setting, our ultimate goal is to prepare your kid for kindergarten and later stages.
As play-based approaches might suit most types of kids, any quality preschool program can pave the way for the transition to kindergarten and beyond.
We are determined to empower your kid to learn from adults who engage and stimulate intellectual curiosity while sharing social skills.
We are keen to grow kids prepared to show up at school “totally ready” to learn.
We value our efforts to turn your children eager to enjoy learning, have several experiences that got them used to a classroom setting, and know how to engage with adults.


• Prepare kids for Kindergarten in an Islamic, loving, caring and inspirational environment.
• Grow kids fully aware of themselves and others through Islamic thoughts and beliefs.
• Develop children’s sense of independence.
• Develop kids’ social/emotional skills like expression of emotion, ability to manage aggression and stress.
• Enhance language skills and develop hygiene and self-help skills.
• Enlarge creative skills and enjoyment through experiences with art materials, music, building and play.
• Encourage kids for focused participation in activities.


We start preparing our kids for college education at elementary schooling, where they acquire skills and knowledge as they develop executive experiences.
As our kids get to learn how to be a part of a community in preschool and kindergarten, our elementary students are prepared to become independent leaders; as they graduate they turn out to have their confidence and beliefs maturely developed through Islamic visions.
Our program is built on student-centered Responsive Classroom model. Such holistic methodology tends to equally develop students’ Islamic, academic, physical, cultural, healthily, psychosocial, and sociological qualifications.
Every day at Spectrum elementary school begins with a morning meeting, which includes a student group activity and ends with regrouping classes to epitomize each day’s accomplishments and challenges. By our everyday routine, children get practice speaking, listening, and communicating in an Islamic community of loving and respectful learners. This is however, provided in the ultimately safest learning environment ever.


Our goal is to encourage our children to develop their minds, and foster our students’ commitment to learn rightfully.
We are keen to prepare our children for the requirements of their current grades; however we keep an open eye on preparing them for later schooling as well.
We plan to see our students stepping out elementary schooling armed with all the skills and experiences they will need to succeed.


Our professional teachers work together in a state-of-the-art structure built to help them collaborate to tailor curricula and assessments as per the needs of their students.
As such, assessments are not one-size-fits-all, but used to identify the needs of each single learner.
This approach helps our teachers decide when to repeat classes, and when to introduce new lessons to students.
We are keen to provide our professional teachers with needed tools and support to turn the profound relations they have developed with children into really personalized instruction and eventually into more effective learning.