SIIS athletic programs offer a positive and inclusive environment where participants grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually. SIIS athletic programs are an extension of the classroom; important characteristics and skills such as teamwork, sportsmanship, integrity, and grit are ingrained through team building, practices or workouts, and games. SIIS children are encouraged to take part in athletic activities.
We intend to provide a fun, safe, inclusive atmosphere where athletes of all skill levels are given a platform to improve their skills or explore a new sport. Athletics Department is entrusted with working with athletic or artistic students outside the school time to help them pursue their passion.

With our Olympic Swimming pool, archery field, running track, gymnastic yard, badminton & basketball courts, and combat sports hall, Spectrum International Islamic School turns into a complete sports club atmosphere.
• Professional trainers for sports champions in each Co-curricular and Ex-curricular sports activity are assigned.
• Community members are enthusiastically invited to get involved in their children’ sport activities.
• Open sports membership for community members after school hours is offered.
• Student participation in the national and international competitions is highly encouraged.
• Bonus and personalized time schedule for sports champions is granted.